Dera Sacha Sauda, the name is synonymous to true striving for Society. It’s volunteers are known as True Blood Pump, World over, for their pledge and mission, to not let a single life leave the planet, in need of Blood. They have been donating Blood as part of their regular life style, every 3 months, not just on a particular day. Lakhs of units of Blood have been donated till date by these passionate volunteers of humanity. As part of their mission to serve humanity and save every life that can be saved, with this precious red lifeline, which is also provided to humans in abundance. The miraculous machinery, human body, can produce the blood lost, in just one hour. So why should one think twice to donate blood.
DSS Volunteers, in Erith, UK donated 5 units blood on 21st September 2018, to commemorate Maha Paropkar, Great benevolence Day, of His holiness Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan.
Rev. Guruji has been the passionate force for the caravan of humanity followed by millions of followers across the globe. These passionate souls, can muster any weather, any terrain, even Societal pressures, to attend to their call towards mankind, all due to the revolutionary teachings of Rev. Guru Ji. DSS has been a regular blood donor for Indian army, and every month thousands of units of Blood is donated to them. In fact, such is their faith in this institution, that any time they visit Dera premises, they are able to meet their demand for blood, within hours. It’s indeed an honour to serve the soldiers, serving the Nation, shedding their blood for us. It then becomes our duty, to at least cover them on this aspect, exhorts Rev. Guru Ji. Apart from these families of martyrs are well looked after by the followers of Dera Sacha Sauda and they are even honoured with medals by Rev. Guru ji for their extreme acts of bravery. While humanity, is keeping the world alive, people like Rev. Guru Ji are definitely the life line of this Society with their myriad acts of peace and humanity. DSS has been awarded numerous Guinness World records for their records in human welfare. Blood Donation, Mega Tree Plantation, Cleanliness drives, to name a few. While these awards may be by products of the humanitarian acts, they definitely boost the morale of the volunteers, to move ahead on the path of goodness and virtues, sermons, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan

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