For disease free world, Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing, conducts cleanliness campaigns worldwide. Till now hundreds of these campaigns have been conducted by volunteers of this religious institution. To serve this very purpose, Green ā€˜Sā€™ Welfare Force Wing, UK organized, the 25th Cleanliness Campaign.

The task was to free the area from the clutches of litter and give it a hygienic twist. For this, 30 volunteers, including ladies and children participated whole heartedly and showed their endless enthusiasm for humanity. Through collective efforts, cleaned the overgrown shrubs and garbage from the council area on back of homes in Chadwell Health and also made everyone aware about the importance of hygiene and boosted them to maintain a healthy environment by keeping the surroundings clean.

The campaign was organized on request from local council at Redbridge UK. The council heads appreciated all the noble initiatives carried on by Shah Satnam Ji Green S Welfare Force Wing, Volunteers, with holy guidance and spur of SAINT Dr. GURMEET RAM RAHIM SINGH JI INSAN. They were very grateful to all daredevils who devotedly partook this drive and also to Guru ji with whose motivation they were showing deep interest in welfare works.

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