Ultimately we have one objective in common – to help Humanity and Environment.

Redbridge Council, UK

With permission from Member of Parliament Mr. Stephen Creswell Timms, Green ‘S’ held its 1st cleanliness camp in Eastham, London on 15th August 2013.

Since then Green ‘S’ is working with Redbridge Council in cleaning up east London town Ilford and surrounding areas. Green ‘S’ not only cleans public streets or dirty waterways but also cleaning private alleyways where residents dumped huge pile of rubbish carelessly.

So far Green ‘S’ have conducted 23 cleanliness camps and removed tonnes of garbage from East London areas.

Trees for Cities

Woodlands Trust

Woodlands Trust

Canal and River Trust

NHS Blood and Transplant Southall

  • Thanks to Green S Welfare force – India – UK branch – finally beginning to realise my dreams for the community allotment.
    Wow! What an amazing bunch of people!

    Rin Roche, Coordinator Herone way Community allotment

  • What wonderful initiative and transformation by Green S Workforce,

    Well done!

    Paul Bassi, Project Manager, London Borough of Hounslow

  • Green ‘S’ community group were great and I’ve never met such a kind hearted, enthusiastic and hard working group before. I think your team got a lot more done than expected and managed to transform some parts of the site. The food was also very tasty and it was very kind of you to provide it.

    Rupal Shah, Community Team Manager (South) , Groundwork London